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Play Fishdom Online On Monkey Type


Dive into a world of aquatic wonders and embark on an underwater adventure like no other with Fishdom! Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just looking for a relaxing way to unwind, this addictive puzzle game is sure to captivate players of all ages. From creating your own vibrant aquariums to solving challenging puzzles, Fishdom offers endless hours of entertainment and fishy fun.

What is Fishdom?

It’s an addictive puzzle game that takes you on a journey to create the perfect underwater world. Dive into a colorful and vibrant ocean filled with adorable fish, aquatic plants, and mesmerizing decorations.

In Fishdom, your main goal is to solve puzzles by matching three or more identical pieces. By doing so, you earn coins which can be used to buy various items for your aquarium. From exotic fish species to unique decorations, the options are endless!

But it’s not just about beautifying your virtual aquarium. You also get to interact with your fishy friends! Feed them, play with them, and watch as they swim happily in their new home.

The game offers hundreds of challenging levels that will test your puzzle-solving skills. Each level comes with its own set of objectives – whether it’s collecting certain pieces or clearing obstacles – keeping you hooked for hours on end.

How To Play Fishdom

Fishdom is a delightful and addictive puzzle game that allows you to build and design your very own underwater aquarium. Here’s a quick guide on how to play Fishdom.

To start, simply download the game or play it online. Once you’re in, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful underwater scene and an empty fish tank waiting to be filled with vibrant marine life. Your goal is to complete various levels by matching three or more pieces of the same color.

To make matches, swap adjacent tiles horizontally or vertically. Keep in mind that each level has different objectives – sometimes you need to collect certain items or clear all golden tiles within a limited number of moves.

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn coins and gems which can be used to purchase new fish, decorations, and accessories for your aquarium. Experiment with different combinations to create stunning underwater landscapes that will impress your virtual visitors.

Tips & Tricks To Win Fishdom

1. Start with a Strategy: Before diving into the colorful world of Fishdom, it’s important to have a game plan. Take some time to strategize your moves and think ahead. Look for opportunities to create special power-ups that can clear multiple tiles at once.

2. Focus on Combos: Creating combos is key to earning high scores in Fishdom. Try to match four or more pieces together to activate powerful boosters like bombs or rockets. These boosters can help you clear large areas and reach your goals faster.

3. Prioritize Goals: Each level in Fishdom comes with specific goals that need to be completed within a limited number of moves. Make sure you pay attention to these goals and prioritize them over random matches. By focusing on completing objectives, you’ll progress through the game quicker.

4. Utilize Power-Ups Wisely: Don’t waste your hard-earned power-ups! Save them for challenging levels or when you’re close to running out of moves. Using power-ups strategically can give you an edge and help you overcome difficult obstacles.

5 . Connect With Friends: Connecting your Facebook account in Fishdom allows you to play alongside friends, compete in weekly challenges, and exchange lives and gifts with each other – all while adding an extra layer of fun!


1. How can I play Fishdom online on Monkey Type?
To play Fishdom online on Monkey Type, simply visit the website and click on the game section. Look for the Fishdom game and select it to start playing. It’s a fun and addicting puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours.

2. Is Fishdom available for free?
Yes, Fishdom is available to play for free online. You can enjoy the game without having to spend any money. However, there may be certain in-app purchases within the game that are optional.

3. Can I play Fishdom on my mobile device?
Yes, you can download and play Fishdom on your mobile device as well! The game is available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

4. Are there any tips or tricks to win at Fishdom?
While there are no specific tips or tricks guaranteed to make you win every level of Fishdom, here are a few strategies that might help:
– Focus on creating power-ups by matching four or more pieces.
– Use power-ups strategically to clear difficult areas of the board.
– Save up coins and diamonds to purchase useful items when needed.

5. Can I connect with friends in Fishdom?
Yes, you have the option to connect with your friends through social media platforms like Facebook while playing Fishdom. This allows you to share lives, compete against each other’s high scores, and send gifts.


Playing Fishdom online on Monkey Type is a delightful way to relax and enjoy some aquatic fun. With its captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and challenging levels, this game offers hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

Whether you’re a fan of match-3 puzzles or simply love creating your own underwater paradise, Fishdom has something for everyone. Dive into the colorful world of fish and unlock new features as you progress through the game.

Remember to utilize the tips and tricks we shared to maximize your chances of winning in Fishdom. By strategically using power-ups, planning your moves ahead, and making use of boosters when needed, you’ll surely become a master player in no time.