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Play Sweet Boom Online On Monkey Type


Welcome to the thrilling world of online gaming! If you’re looking for a fun and addictive game to play during your free time, then look no further than Sweet Boom. This exciting puzzle game will keep you entertained for hours on end. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of Sweet Boom, teach you how to play it like a pro, and provide some valuable tips and tricks to help you come out victorious. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and get ready for an exhilarating gaming experience like no other!

What is Sweet Boom?

Sweet Boom is an addictive online game that will satisfy your sweet tooth and test your puzzle-solving skills. In this colorful and delightful game, you are tasked with matching and popping groups of three or more candies to clear them from the board. With each successful match, new candies cascade down, creating even more opportunities for combos and big scores.

The goal of Sweet Boom is simple: clear as many candies as possible within a limited number of moves or time. As you progress through the levels, new challenges await, such as obstacles like chocolate blocks or gumdrops that need multiple matches to remove. Power-ups and boosters can also help you in difficult situations by clearing whole rows or columns, exploding nearby candies, or shuffling the board for better options.

With its vibrant graphics, catchy music, and satisfying gameplay mechanics, Sweet Boom keeps players engaged for hours on end. Whether you’re looking to relax after a busy day or challenge yourself with strategic thinking, this game has something for everyone.

How To Play Sweet Boom

Sweet Boom is an addictive and exciting online game that will test your puzzle-solving skills. The objective of the game is to match three or more candies of the same color in a row or column, causing them to explode and earn points.

To play Sweet Boom, simply use your mouse or finger to swap adjacent candies and create matches. The more candies you match, the higher your score will be. Keep in mind that each level has specific goals you need to achieve within a limited number of moves.

As you progress through the levels, new challenges and obstacles will be introduced, such as chocolate blocks that can only be destroyed by matching adjacent candies with them. You’ll also encounter special power-ups like rainbow candy and bomb candy, which can help clear large areas or destroy specific candies.

It’s important to strategize and think ahead before making moves in Sweet Boom. Look for opportunities to create chain reactions by setting up matches that will cause multiple explosions at once. This can lead to big point bonuses and help you reach your goals faster.

Tips & Tricks To Win Sweet Boom

1. Plan your moves strategically: Before making a move in Sweet Boom, take a moment to analyze the board and plan your moves ahead. Look for opportunities to create special candies or combos that can help you clear more tiles at once.

2. Utilize special candies wisely: Sweet Boom offers various special candies like striped candies, wrapped candies, and color bombs. These can be powerful tools to help you clear challenging levels. Use them strategically by combining them with other special candies or matching them with specific colored tiles for maximum impact.

3. Clear blockers first: In some levels of Sweet Boom, there may be blockers like chocolate or frosting that hinder your progress. Focus on clearing these obstacles first before working towards completing the level’s objectives.

4. Make use of boosters: Boosters are valuable power-ups that can give you an extra edge in difficult levels. Save up your boosters for when you really need them or use them strategically to overcome tough challenges.

5. Take advantage of daily rewards: Sweet Boom often offers daily rewards such as free boosters or extra lives. Make sure to claim these rewards every day as they can greatly assist you in progressing through the game.

Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you play Sweet Boom and experiment with different strategies, the better understanding you’ll gain about how to tackle each level effectively.


1. How do I play Sweet Boom?

To play Sweet Boom, simply visit the Monkey Type website and select the game from the menu. Once you’re in the game, you’ll see a grid filled with colorful candies. Your goal is to match three or more candies of the same color by swapping adjacent ones. The matched candies will explode, earning you points.

2. Can I play Sweet Boom on my phone?

Yes! Sweet Boom is available for both desktop and mobile devices, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re waiting for your bus or relaxing at home, this addictive puzzle game will keep you entertained.

3. Are there any time limits in Sweet Boom?

Nope! Unlike some other games, there are no time limits in Sweet Boom. You can take your time strategizing each move without feeling rushed or stressed.

4. Are there any power-ups in Sweet Boom?

Yes! As you progress through levels, special power-ups will become available to help you clear obstacles and achieve higher scores. These power-ups include bombs that explode entire rows or columns of candies and rainbow candy that can be used to match with any color.

5. Is there a multiplayer option in Sweet Boom?

Currently, Sweet Boom does not have a multiplayer option but stay tuned for future updates as new features may be added!

Remember these FAQs when playing Sweet boom – they’ll surely come handy as you indulge yourself in this sweet adventure!


Sweet Boom is a fun and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours. With its colorful graphics, catchy music, and challenging levels, it’s no wonder why players are hooked on this delightful puzzle game.

To play Sweet Boom online on Monkey Type, simply visit their website and start playing right away. The intuitive controls and easy-to-learn gameplay make it accessible to players of all ages.

Remember to strategize your moves carefully by creating combos and utilizing power-ups to maximize your score. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed right away – practice makes perfect! Keep honing your skills and soon enough, you’ll become a Sweet Boom master.